3 Challenges We Need to Address to: Support Performance Under Pressure

  • 05/15/2024
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Virtual - Zoom Call


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Prolonged pressure is hazardous and creates risk for you, your team, and your organization's mission. We cannot afford to get this wrong. However, with the right tools, supports and strategies, we can tip the scales from harm to growth.

This session explores how to protect the wellbeing of teams operating under cumulative and prolonged pressure. Unpack the three key challenges we must address to protect people from harm and equip leaders and teams to thrive under pressure.

As a cognitive scientist and specialist in large-scale disaster, Jolie shares insights from cognitive science, global research and decades of leading teams in high-pressure, high-stake environments. This session will unearth the skills that expert disaster professionals use to perform and stay well during extreme events. These hard-won insights, tested under intense pressure, have the power to turn the tide on burnout and protect the wellbeing of people working under pressure

Presenter & Bio: Jolie Wills – CEO Americas, Hummingly, M.Sc. Cognitive Psychology

Jolie is a cognitive scientist and a global thought-leader in resiliency, leadership and team effectiveness under pressure.

She has led teams in the most challenging of environments after disaster. Jolie is the co-founder and CEO for Hummingly – an organization that upskills leaders, teams and organizations to thrive in the face of challenge.

Jolie has been awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship and an Edmund Hillary Fellowship for her global contribution to preparing teams and organizations to do pressure well. She is co-author of Leading in Disaster Recovery: A Companion through the Chaos and is an advisor to the global Counter Terrorism Preparedness Network.

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