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President's Corner.....Blog Spot!

  • 05/30/2017 10:00 PM | Michele Girard (Administrator)

    Wow! It's almost June.....summer is heating up and so is our Programs Calendar. Check us out on our Events Page.

    For those of you that were able to catch BIG IDEAS in Washington, D.C. with the WorldatWork TR Conference a few weeks ago - you're likely feeling inspired like I am.  The theme was centered around Big Ideas, that start sometimes from small inspiration!  

    On behalf of all RMTRA Membership, we extend a gracious thank you to Anne Ruddy, former CEO WorldatWork that has retired this past May.  I've grown up in my career with Anne at the helm of WorldatWork and have great admiration and respect for all she contributed to our profession.  Anne you're a lifeforce and we thank you!

    We also extend an enthusiastic welcome to Scott Cawood, incoming CEO.  Trust me when I tell you, that myself and a few from the RMTRA crew had a chance to bend his ear while in D.C. and let him know we have BIG IDEAS in Denver on how to move our profession forward!  Look for opportunities soon to engage in an RMTRA thinktank- feeding directly back to Scott and the WorldatWork team on ways we can help bring about our BIG IDEAS through our strong partnership with WorldatWork. 

    Feeling compelled to act now?  Join me, along with Rebecca Shipley, VP Programs, our partners at DU and the rest of the RMTRA crew at our June Program in a few weeks.  We are launching our exciting Mentorship Program and we need you - join to get paired with a Mentor, or become a Mentor - either way there's a place for you!  See you in a few weeks.

    Warm Regards, 

    Michele Girard, CCP, CSCP, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

    President RMTRA

  • 01/10/2017 9:17 PM | Michele Girard (Administrator)

    So, I encountered this sign this past weekend while skiing with my family. 

    I have already accepted, and celebrate, that my 11 year old daughter and 13 year old son will far surpass my accomplishments in this lifetime, and for that I am proud. This past weekend was just one of the first of what I am sure will be many examples of this……

    We were skiing as a family together, my husband attempted to reassure me as I expressed alarm at this large banner sign prominently displayed at the base of the chair lift up the back side of Eldora Mountain that read “No Beginners Terrain”.  You see, I consider myself a safe, and experienced skier, though certainly not a “Beginner”.  I grew up in the mountains, skied often, and have kept at it regularly during my lifetime. One might say I feel like a fairly “competent” skier.  I like the peace and beauty of the majesty of the mountains, on a nice meandering ski slope.  I found myself with my family bravely boarding the chair lift to the ski slope that warned me this was clearly not for beginners, and I thought no problem, as I am clearly not a beginner, or am I?

    You can likely predict how this story ends.  I found myself at the top of a sheer, icy, face of a mountain incline.  My two adorable children patiently waiting at the bottom, cheering me on and my husband slowly careening the slope with me while I tackled that hillside in a decline I can only describe as equally humiliating and terrifying.  I immediately wanted to blame my husband, then I found my better-self and realized, I made the choice to take that chair lift, to embark that mountain, in spite of clear warning signs it might push me beyond my comfort zone.

    I made it to the bottom of the hill. I’d love to tell you I felt accomplished in taking on a challenge, that I mastered it on my first try and tackled that mountain.  Nope!  It was hard, really hard, and enjoyable in the end, and I celebrate that I did it.  I didn’t die, or get injured – I made it. Fair and square.

    It was also my last run of the day.

    It got me to thinking about my career.  How many times we face a new challenge and think – I’m not a beginner, I’ve got this – only to stumble in ways we didn’t anticipate.  Or vice versa – thinking this is new, I have never done this before, but here goes, and we nail it!  I’d love for all of RMTRA to think about this authentically for 2017, and share your experiences as comment to this blog. 

    Think about challenging yourself in 2017 – push yourself in the bounds of areas where you already feel “competent”.  And Like Val Grubb told us in December, for those of you that caught her awesome talk on rebranding yourself – sign up to do one thing this year that really scares you, or at least pushes you a bit out of your comfort zone.  There are no fairy tale endings that say you are bestowed with all the world’s riches for trying – though you will certainly be enriched, regardless of the outcome, because you believed in yourself enough to try something new! 

    I like to think of running this little non-profit I’m so passionate about – RMTRA, as a sandbox – to innovate, try new things, further my profession and connect with other awesome professionals and thought leaders in Total Rewards. I thank all of you for the honor to lead this awesome association.

    Please join us this year, we hope to connect with you through our excellent program offerings through RMTRA.  I am also looking for leaders to join my board of RMTRA to move this association forward.  If interest in giving back to your profession through volunteer leadership through RMTRA, contact me at

    Challenge yourself, be courageous, and share your experiences at!

    Warm Regards,

    Michele Girard, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CCP, CSCP

    President - RMTRA

  • 10/23/2016 2:23 PM | Michele Girard (Administrator)

    Happy Autumn RMTRA Members!

    What a beautiful autumn season we are experiencing here in Colorado.  As we go deep into 4th quarter and planning for 2017, don’t forget to plan to invest in your own professional development – sign up for your 2017 RMTRA - WorldatWork Classes.  Don't forget to use code LN2016 to get maximum discounts!

    I was at a gathering with friends this weekend and handed someone my business card and they asked me “What’s with all the letters after your name?” then I shared my story!  I’m a passionate life-long learner, and very proud of the credentials of certification I’ve been able to achieve and work so hard to maintain; and I’m not done!

    Did you know, there’s an advanced Compensation Certification, for those of us that already have our CCP?  Now there’s two more advanced levels beyond CCP, Advanced Certified Compensation Professional (ACCP), and Master Certified Compensation Professional (MCCP).  Requirements include CCP certification, plus C8 to sit for the exam for these advanced Certs.  C8 is coming to Denver in April 2017 so sign up to reserve your spot with us today!

    2017 is top of mind for us at RMTRA!  The executive team and I have been hard at work building our strategic plan for next year.  We announced our line-up of classes, we’re busy planning our events calendar, and we are solidifying our awesome team of leaders for the 2017 Board!  More on 2017 soon! 

    Lastly, we have one more event in 2016 – December Holiday Luncheon – Grow Your Personal Brand – Grow Your Career, with nationally renowned speaker Val Grubb.  The event is on December 1st at the Brown Palace - don't miss it!

    I love being involved with RMTRA and WorldatWork; it is so exciting and rewarding to directly impact the future of my profession, build connections, and learn new things; and yes - to take pride in showing my credential letters! 

    Warm Regards,

    Michele Girard, CCP, CSCP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP - President RMTRA

  • 08/06/2016 1:38 PM | Michele Girard (Administrator)

    Summer is winding down, Fall is right around the corner and it's Back to School time!  Think about a little professional development and education for yourself!

    We are in the home stretch - The Future of Total Rewards Conference is right around the corner on 9/15/16.  Bring your team - groups of 4 or more get a 15% discount off the regular member rates.  The schedule is final and we have an awesome line up!  Check it out on our Events Page. 

    And if you haven't used your education benefit yet this year, there's still time to sign up, we have C1 and C8 still to go this year and there's still space, so sign up today! 

    Thank you for being a valued member to RMTRA!  

    See you in September!  

    Michele Girard - President RMTRA

  • 06/12/2016 4:17 PM | Michele Girard (Administrator)
    It is my distinct pleasure to announce to membership that your local association to WorldatWork, Rocky Mountain Total Rewards Association is the Global Leader among our peers.  

    RMTRA was awarded the distinguished honor of Association of the Year while at Conference in San Diego last week. Thank you to the amazing team of leaders that run this organization with me that made this award possible. We are one of over 60 local associations worldwide - and the path we are on right now has caught the attention of WorldatWork and they chose to recognize us as best. 

    We are all proud of this accomplishment!  We encourage you all to leverage your connections with this award-winning team, to make your Impact on your career through membership and engagement with RMTRA.  Together we are growing and building our future - WE ARE THE FUTURE OF TOTAL REWARDS, one valued member at a time. 

    More soon! From the sunny Dominican Republic - 

    Michele Girard - Your RMTRA President

    p.s. Hope to see you this week at our Variable Compensation Class, or later this month at one of our 2 exciting programs; 6/23 on Ratingless Performance downtown at History Colorado Center, or 6/30 on FLSA Regs - Practical Application at Maggiano's DTC.  



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